Welcome to Saint Andrew’s Tiberias, the Church of Scotland in the Galilee.

We are an ecumenical, English-speaking church in the heart of the ancient city of Tiberias. Each Sunday at 6pm, we gather to share in prayer, song, scripture reading and holy communion. The congregation regularly consists of those who live locally and pilgrims, sojourners and tourists. Wherever you’re from, whoever you are, whatever your reason for being here, you will be made very welcome.


For more information about our services, or if you are a pilgrimage group leader and would like to use the church to conduct your own service, please contact the Minister, the Reverend Kate McDonald.

We are always delighted to have groups join us for our weekly worship and want you to feel a part of our community. While you are more than welcome simply to show up on the night, if your group is larger than 20 people, it helps us in our preparations if you are able to let us know in advance of your plans to attend.




The Church of Scotland is a Presbyterian Church working in partnership with the Anglican and Lutheran Churches throughout Israel and Palestine.